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Iraq, al-Sudani surprisingly reopens the Green Zone in Baghdad

Al-Sudani surprise reopens the Green Zone in Baghdad. The area where Iraqi government buildings and foreign embassies are located will no longer be sealed off. The international community must review the security measures of its headquarters

The Green Zone in Baghdad, which encloses government buildings and foreign embassies, is no longer sealed off. Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani ordered its opening to the public to help ease traffic congestion in the capital. Following the provision, the security forces began to remove the barriers and checkpoints, which guaranteed controlled and limited access to the quadrant, allowing citizens to enter freely from 5:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the afternoon. The decision raises international concern, as it will significantly reduce security levels, forcing the government and diplomatic offices to review their protection plans, reinforcing them. In fact, there are several threats to take into account: from pro-ISIS militiamen, who seek revenge for the pressure suffered, to pro-Iran militiamen, who periodically attack embassies with missiles.

The international community expresses concern following several threats. Also, previous attempts to reopen the Green Zone had all failed

Furthermore, the complex internal political situation in Iraq has led to numerous demonstrations and popular protests in the last year, which also involved the Green Zone, and there is a real possibility that these will be repeated in the near future. Not surprisingly, since 2019 any attempt to reopen the area to free access has failed and in a short time the neighborhood was sealed again. As a result, there is widespread fear that al-Sudani’s decision is at least “risky”. Above all, in light of the fact that the opening has not seen a parallel strengthening of the security of sensitive targets or initiatives aimed at preventing possible incidents.

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