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Iraq, a series of operations to dismantle Isis cells is underway

A series of operations to dismantle Isis cells begins in Iraq. It is the response of the ISF to the recent attacks by the Islamic State, even against the US embassy in Baghdad

A series of operations to dismantle Isis cells began in Iraq. The maneuvers are the response to the recent attacks by the Islamic State, especially against civilian targets, which also involved Baghdad. In recent hours, in fact, there have been several episodes of violence, which have also involved the capital with three mortar shells directed against the US embassy. Two fell inside, without causing material damage, and one ended up into the Tigris. The actions were not claimed, but it is believed that they are the work of Daesh as revenge following the recent arrests and killings of militiamen, which took place in various areas of the country. Following this, thanks to intelligence information, the ISF are countering the jihadists with targeted blitzes.

Blitz underway from Diyala to Nineveh, passing through Kirkuk and Baghdad. Meanwhile, the sixth phase of the anti-Daesh operation, Victory Will, is being prepared

A raid targeted ISIS in Diyala, killing some militiamen. Baghdad fighters hit Islamic State posts in the Qarah Tabah district, about 110 kilometers northeast of Baqubah. In Kirkuk police arrested two jihadists who attacked a check point in the Al Rashad area. Other blitzes occurred north of Lake Haditha and in the Yarmouk district of Mosul. Finally, around and in the capital a series of maneuvers are underway to identify and capture the Daesh terrorists responsible for the attack on the US embassy. Meanwhile, the sixth phase of Operation Victory Will is being prepared. It should further tighten the circle around IS. The preparations are almost complete and the announcement on the beginning of the maneuvers is expected soon.

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