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Iraq, a new maxi military operation against Isis in Anbar is starting

Iraq, A New Maxi Military Operation Against Isis In Anbar Is Starting

A new maxi operation of the Iraqi army against Isis is starting in Anbar. The maneuvers aim to hit the Islamic State in depth, after a recent offensive dismantled the routes with Syria

A new operation against Isis in Anbar kicks off in Iraq. ISF have announced an offensive against Islamic State cells in the west of the province. In particular the desert of Ramadi, Saad, Ras al-Ajarmy, Ras al-Oud, Ras al-Nesr, Nazira, Husseineya, Zur Huran and others. According to intelligence information, in fact, in the last period a strong movement of Daesh militia was recorded. In the area there is a large jihadist resistance pocket, escaped from the other battlefields of the country and neighboring Syria. Baghdad fears that they are trying to reorganize themselves to bring terror back to the nation. Also thanks to new arrivals from the neighboring country. A first operation had recently taken place in the region, dismantling some groups and routes with Syria. Now we move on to “phase two”: maneuvers on the ground, supported by fighters, to hit the terrorists in depth.

Hunting for Daesh cells continues in the rest of the country. From Mosul to Kirkuk, via Salahuddin

ISF is also conducting similar activities in other areas of Iraq against Isis. From Mosul to Kirkuk, passing through Salahuddin. These are more circumscribed and targeted operations, whose objective is to eliminate the individual cells of the Islamic State. This is to stop the attacks that have recently increased in various areas of the country. The militants strike both military and civilian targets. The latter either to punish the population or to finance themselves and find resources, extorting the inhabitants of the least protected villages. In the area of ​​Mosul, in fact, the army has recently distributed weapons in about 50 inhabited centers, so that they can defend themselves from jihadist blitzes awaiting the arrival of soldiers.

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