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Iraq, a maxi anti-Isis operation begins north of Baghdad

The ISF, with the support of Inherent Resolve, have launched a new operation against Isis in the desert areas north of Baghdad. The maneuvers involve the quadrant between Salahaddin and Diyala, especially in the Hamrin mountains and in the Zaghitoon valley

The ISF have launched a new operation against Isis in the desert areas north of Baghdad. The maneuvers, in which hundreds of Iraqi soldiers supported by Inherent Resolve participate, involve the quadrant between the provinces of Salahaddin and Diyala. In particular, the Hamrin mountains and the Zaghitoon valley, where large pockets of IS resistance are believed to be hidden. Meanwhile, the Coalition is preparing to create an advising center in Erbil, which will join the one in the capital. Military and advisers from 15 nations will operate there, providing specialized support to the ISF in all phases of operations against jihadists. From planning to execution. Its creation is part of the Coalition’s plan to reduce its military presence in the Middle Eastern country, remodeling it to meet the requests for targeted know-how by local troops (the mission has in fact transformed into the Military Assistance Group, MAG).

Meanwhile, the anti-IS operation continues, Lions of Jazeera-1, north of the Euphrates

Meanwhile, Lions of Jazeera-1 operation continues in western Iraq. The ISF are hunting down some IS cells hiding in the desert area north of the Euphrates. The anti-IS maneuvers, which began only a few days ago, have already seen the destruction of seven jihadist shelters, a tunnel and numerous explosives. In addition, they caused the death of several militiamen and the capture of many others. The latest strike, carried out by Inherent Resolve, led to the destruction of a cave and three terrorist shelters in Wadi Al-Shai. Also affected are positions of fundamentalists in Baiji and Salahaddin. Finally, in Kirkuk, the anti-terrorism forces arrested a leading member of the group, considered to be at the top in logistics and network support in the Middle Eastern country.

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