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Iran, the US will help Iraq and Kurdistan develop anti-missile defenses

The US will help Iraq and Kurdistan develop anti-missile defenses. The decision after the latest IRGC attack, officially in revenge against Israeli raids in Syria. The Pasdaran, in fact, fear losing weight with the US-Iran nuclear deal

The United States will help Iraq and Kurdistan develop an anti-missile defense system. The goal is to counter the growing threat from Iran. This, especially after the latest attack, which took place on March 12, which saw at least a dozen ballistic missiles fall near the new US consulate under construction in Erbil. The bombs were launched from inside Iranian territory and the action was claimed by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). The attack had a double purpose: formally it was a revenge for the Israeli raids in Syria. In reality, however, it also aimed to undermine the nuclear negotiations between Washington and Tehran. The Pasdaran, in fact, are worried about the agreement that could be outlined, as they fear losing weight when. To date, in fact, they guarantee security at the sites involved. Furthermore, they have just launched their second satellite into space: the Noor-2.

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