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Iran, The UK Royal Navy seizes missiles destined for the Houthis

The Royal Navy seizes missiles destined for the Houthis. The cargo was intercepted in the Gulf of Oman, with the support of US CENTCOM. The sea-war to stop the supplies of weapons destined for the Shiite militiamen continues

The UK Navy has intercepted a shipment of Iranian missiles and components in the Gulf of Oman, destined for the Houthis in Yemen. This was announced by CENTCOM, the US central military command for military operations, which supported the frigate HMS Lancaster in the operation. The boat carrying the missiles and components traveled along one of the routes traditionally used by arms traffickers. The raid is only the latest in the area, which for over a year has been involved in a real war between the United States and Tehran over the supply of arms and ammunition to Shiite militiamen. In recent months, in fact, there have been several maxi seizures involving the Fifth Fleet. Furthermore, in the near future, instead of being destroyed as required by the regulations, the loads could exceptionally be destined for Ukraine to defend itself against Russia’s aggression, also carried out with drones and Iranian assets.

Photo Credits: CENTCOM

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