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Iran, “Soleimani” effect over: international pressure restarts

International pressure on Iran is growing again: France, UK and Germany urge Tehran to return to the JCPOA

Iran is again under pressure from the international community, despite the US killing in Iraq of General Qassem Soleimani. France, Germany and the United Kingdom, in fact, have issued a joint statement in which they urge Tehran to comply with the 2015 nuclear agreement (JCPOA). Their respective heads of state Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson have stressed that is “essential” that the Islamic Republic return to full respect of the agreements. “We have expressed our deep concern about the actions taken in violation of the commitments since July 2019. These actions must be reversed”, reads the note. “We must – through diplomacy and significantly – address shared concerns about Iran’s destabilizing regional activities, including those related to its missile program. We reiterate our willingness to continue our commitment to reduction and stability in the region “.

The Islamic Republic, after the killing of Soleimani, committed a huge misstep: having shot down the Ukrainian civilian plane. The country went from victim to executioner, and “dangerous” protests erupted: young people in fact refuse to step on US and Israeli flags. Moreover, partners are “embarassed”

Iran, in fact, committed a huge misstep, which transformed it from victim to executioner, causing the collapse of the international stances in favor after Soleimani’s death: having shot down the Ukrainian civilian plane, albeit involuntarily. The admission of guilt, which Tehran believed brought benefits, however, turned out to be the opposite. This sparked a wave of convictions abroad and numerous demonstrations at home, especially (but not only) by students. In addition, there was an unprecedented case in the history of the Islamic Republic: for the first time the demonstrators refused to step on the flags of the United States and Israel, whistling the few who did it and pointing out that the greatest enemy is all interior of the country. Moreover, It cannot even count on its international partners-. excluding Syria – in this matter, who have considered the shooting down a macroscopic mistake. First of all, Russia, in embarrassment, as to hit the aircraft was probably a missile of the Tor-M1 system, supplied to Tehran in recent years by Moscow.

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