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Iran, new attack on US in Iraq after Trump’s speech

New pro-Iran attack on the United States in Iraq. Some rockets crashed in the Green Zone, near the US embassy, ​​without fortunately causing casualties or damage. The bombing – like the previous one – would have occurred at the same time as Soleimani’s death

The rain of rockets against US military bases in Iraq does not seem to stop, as revenge for the killing of General Qassem Soleimani. In the past few hours, some Katyusha have been launched towards the Green Zone in Baghdad and have fallen near the American embassy. This was confirmed by Inherent Resolve, stressing that fortunately there were no victims or damage. Just a few hours earlier, several ballistic missiles targeted the bases of Al-Asad and Erbil, where Italian soldiers are also present. The bombing also appears to have occurred at the same time as the previous one, that is, around one in the morning, the same time when the head of the Quds Force lost his life on January 3. According to analysts, there is a high possibility that there will be similar episodes in the coming days. In fact, all the forces in the field are on high alert and emergency plans have been prepared for any eventuality.

On the same day Trump announced that Tehran will never have nuclear power under his presidency and that there will be new sanctions. At the same time he offered peace, recalling common priorities such as the fight against Isis and proposing to work together for a new agreement with Iran

The new Iranian attack on Iraq, however, was launched within hours of the speech by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, in which he announced that Tehran will never have nuclear power as long as he is the head of the nation, that there will be new sanctions and that it will ask NATO for greater involvement in the Middle East. He also reiterated that America does not need Middle Eastern oil, having achieved energy independence. At the same time, however, he stressed that the US is “ready for peace with all those who desire it”. By the way, he confirmed that he did not want to foment a military escalation against Iran and cited the priorities shared with the Islamic Republic. First of all the fight against Isis. “We must all work together to make an agreement with Iran that makes the world a safer and more peaceful place,” he said.

In the meantime, the fight against the Islamic State does not stop. Inherent Resolve’s anti-Daesh operations will soon resume, even if it is not known in what form, to not allow the jihadists to exploit the crisis to their advantage

However, although the situation in Iraq and throughout the Middle East remains very tense, the war on Isis does not stop. This was confirmed by both US sources and the international community. First of all Italy, France and Canada, which have decided to stay in the country to continue their mission in the context of the International Coalition. After the escalation with Iran, support for ISF in operations against the Islamic State had been frozen to protect Inherent Resolve staff. According to military sources, however, this will resume shortly although in probably slightly different forms at least in the beginning. The goal, in fact, is to prevent Daesh from exploiting the current crisis to take advantage of it, reorganizing itself and increasing its influence in the nation.

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