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Here comes the Trustjacking, the last cyber threat to iOS devices

Here Comes The Trustjacking, The Last Cyber Threat To IOS Devices

There is a new cyber threat to iOS devices: the Trustjacking. A malicious hacker can remotely gain a complete control of the victim’s machine if it’s associated to a infected computer

The last frontier on the cyber-attacks agains mobile phones is the Trustjacking. Especially related to iPhone, iPad and iOS devices. The cybercrime has been using this practice for some time to infiltrate devices and take control of them remotely. How it works? Many people use different computers, from those at work to those of friends or in public places, to recharge their smartphones and tablets, using the USB cable. They have only to “say yes” at the question: Trust This Computer. With this small operation the machine linked to the device has the capacity to get to the phone settings and information while they’re associated. This vulnerability abuses the iTunes WI-Fi Sync iOS feature. So, if a malicious hacker gained the control of the hosting computer with a cyber aggression, he can easily manage the mobile device of the victim. And this is not science fiction, but reality. So beware.

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