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Hamas attacks Israel using kites equipped with Molotovs from Gaza

Hamas attacks Israel with molotov-kites, launched by the Gaza Strip

The pro-Hamas militants have adopted a new tactic to carry out attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip. Not being able to dispose of aircraft or armed drones, following the embargo on the sale of technology and components by the Jewish state, the jihadists have resorted to kites. These were equipped with Molotov cocktails and allowed to fly over the boundary barrier. Following this they caused a serious fire at Sapir College in Sderot. This was reported by Avi Mayer, spokeswoman for the Jewish Agency for Israel and former spokesman for IDFs on his Twitter profile. Actions of this type are uncontrollable and could cause damage and victims. Once the killer-kite has taken off, in fact, it can precipitate anywhere, without warning.

The Avi Mayer tweet

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