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FemAnonFatal talks for the first time about its mission for women rights

FemAnonFatal is part of the galaxy on Anonymous. No HQ, no leaders or spokespeople. Just fight side by side to make an equal, fair, honest and peaceful society

FemAnonFatal, the “female soul” of Anonymous, talks for the first time about itself. Why it is born, which is its mission and its goals. “Publicly we and #OpFemaleSec came around in January – explains the group to Difesa e Sicurezza -. Anonymous, as you put it yourself, is a galaxy, FemAnonFatal is a part of this vast galaxy. There are no headquarters, leaders, spokespeople. Anyone can be Anonymous. There is no super club or subscription. Activist, hacktivists alike fight side by side to make an equal, fair, honest and peaceful society. Focusing on issues that need attentions based on their choice”.

Why the female soul of Anonymous is born

“FemAnonFatal came together as all of us felt that it’s time to highlight the injustice toward girls and women globally, unite with our sisters and be loud and proud about womanhood – the hacktivists continue -. To have an Op that sole focus point is female safety. To create a dedicated female platform to discuss issues that concern women and discuss politics from a female perspective as sadly female voices are constantly silenced and not taken into consideration in patriarchal society. OpFemaleSec is focusing on female wellbeing, especially on digital performs and online security, to raise awareness about privacy, blackmail and data protection. FemAnonFatal is a global outreach idea to connect women with a support network and give a platform for all sisters to UNITE and BE THE REVOLUTION – The TIME IS NOW!”.

FemAnonFatal focuses on creating outreach and connections, and on bringing relevant information. “Our next steps are known only to the Galaxy and the Stars”

Three months have passed from FemAnonFatal birth. What’s your first assessment? “We are extremely grateful for all the generous support we got from Anonymous Community – the new group underlined -. There is a lot of work ahead of us, as you said yourself publicly we have been active for quite a short period of time thus far. We are very committed to our cause and as a collective put a lot of effort to create outreach, connect to various channels and bring relevant information. FemAnonFatal is a female-oriented but not exclusive collective and operation. We welcome all participants as long as they respect the cause and are dedicated to end violence against women and create and an equal and secure environment for women. We are always looking forward to hear from our sisters and brothers, do get in touch with us. Our next steps are known only to the Galaxy and the Stars – Watch this Space and Expect US!”

#OpFemaleSec, the Message from FemAnonFatal

We want to call out to all women out there, JOIN US! You do not need to be a hacker, a computer genius, or any kind of other stereotype associated with Anonymous. Share #OpFemaleSec, use information, and support secure online platforms. There are basic and easy to set-up encryption and security services. Anonymous networks that will help you set up secure IRC services, explain Tor use, Tails OS and many other great things you can and should use daily. We will leave you with few main links below. Whoever you are, whatever you do, Join US! In Unity We shall Win. Together We are Unstoppable and Impossible to Dismantle – We Are Anonymous – We Are FemAnonFatal – Sisters UNITE! + and to assholes out there – EXPECT US! +

Useful information on Anonymous and FemAnonFatal … … …

FemAnonFatal can be reached on CGAN Tor based IRC at FemAnonFatal channel or (follow the instruction link to create Tor based secure account for IRC and connect with them there).

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