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Espionage, XakNet tries to recruit citizens in Ukraine

XakNet tries to recruit citizens in Ukraine. Pro-Russia hackers are offering rewards of up to $15,000 for info on Kyiv’s military

Pro-Russia hacker group XakNet seeks to recruit Ukrainians to spy on their military. The formation claimed on its Telegram channel that it had acquired the personal data of around eight million citizens of the European country. Following this, he sent all of them a proposal: give us information about the activities of the Kyiv Armed Forces in exchange for rewards from 15 to 5,000 dollars. In particular coordinates, photos, videos and software are required. In addition, they promise untraceable or cryptocurrency transactions and complete anonymity for anyone who spies for Moscow. A secure communication systems will be created for the transfer of information.

The operation is part of Russia’s “Active Measures”, born in the 1920s and never interrupted

The XakNet recruitment operation is part of the “Active Measures”, Aktivnye Meropriyatiya, adopted by the Soviet Union since the 1920s and developed since the 1950s by the KGB. Today they are mainly managed by the GRU, the military intelligence service. They are a set of offensive operations of various types (propaganda, espionage, sabotage, political assassinations, media manipulation, etc.), the objective of which is to guarantee Russia advantages over the targets. In this case Ukraine.

The XakNet post on Telegram

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