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Egypt, in Isis people are starting to escape in the Sinai peninsula

Egypt, In Isis People Are Starting To Escape In The Sinai Peninsula

Foreign fighters in the Sinai Peninsula  are running away from Isis in mass

Isis is starting to have problems of desertions also in Egypt. Elrments from Daesh in the Sinai peninsula executed a soldier of russian origin in Arish who had attempted to escape together with other 6 jihadists. The man, nicknamed Abu Mariam Al-Rusi, said that the attempt to escape was stopped by other members of the Islamic State, but it was not the only one. In the last month and a half other 40 terrorists seem to have escaped from the same area. Most of them were foreign fighters and were not familiar with the territory. As a consequence they were captured by their former comrades and then tortured and killed. This, however, caused a lot of noise in the ranks of Isil and inside the various groups, which were mainly composed by foreign fighters, discontent increased. In fact the jihad in the quadrant does not seem to be going according to plans and many think that their expectations are disappointed.

The security forces of Egypt stopped a big load of weapons and ammunitions directed towards Arish. It was meant for the Daesh

Meanwhile the Egyptian security forces have dealt a serious blow to Isis in the Sinai Peninsula. The officials responsible for Security in the East have managed to stop an operation of illegal traffic of a huge load of weapons and ammunitions intended for the Daesh at Arish. The goods had arrived at Al Ismailiya through the Suez Canal. Altogether there were 207 assault rifles, 3 Greenough sniper rifles and 256 pistols. Furthermore, the soldiers from Cairo arrested in the last 24 hours more than 100 persons in the Arish and Chekka regions suspected to have to do with the Islamic State. The supplies were necessary to enable the soldiers to increase the operations in the area. Both for Jamaat Jund al-Islam, an organization tied to al-Qaeda in the Sinai Peninsula (AQSP), and against the Egyptian forces.

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