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DRC, someone tries to derail the Kinshasa-M23 peace process

Someone is trying to derail the Kinshasa-M23 peace process in the DRC. Protests in Goma against the EAC force, which suffers the same accusations as MONUSCO. External influences and joint leadership of hate campaigns are suspected

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) there is someone who is stirring up the population to derail the peace process between Kinshasa and the March 23 (M23) group. In the past few hours, a protest was held in Goma against the East African Community (EAC) force, which is mediating the ceasefire between the parties. The EAS contingent has been accused by local civilians of not doing enough to prevent the violence and of merely observing what is happening without reacting. The exact same refrain used against MONUSCO, the UN mission in the African country, repeatedly subjected to armed attacks. Even then there are strong suspicions of outside influence in the hate campaigns. Given the similarity of levers exploited and targets (international actors) targeted, it is not excluded that there is a common direction, the objective of which is to oust the current foreign actors in the DRC to replace them with others.

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