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Di5s3nSi0N group is changing the game in the cyber-war against the Islamic State

Di5s3nSi0N group announces a new cyber-vendetta against Islamic State

Di5s3nSi0N group announces a new cyber-vendetta against the Islamic State for the destruction of the al-Nuri Mosque. In a recent Twitter post, the Muslim hackers wrote, “The faithful will remember always the crime of al-Nuri and will avenge it in destroying your Fasiq videos [that violates Islamic law, Ed.]. We let your emir Badri to cower with the scorpions and leave forgiveness to Allah alone”. The message closes with the usual hashtags: #silencetheswords #OpISIS #ISIS and #AMAQ. It is a clear signal. It means that Daesh is about to be targeted with a new wave of cyber-attacks. Furthermore, on a particularly hot topic for the jihadi group. We are talking about the videos that Isis uses to spread its propaganda on the Web, and radicalize the youth in order to recruit them.

Until now, Di5s3nSi0N’s Muslim hackers, unlike the Iraqis of DaeshGram, have launched cyber-attacks against Daesh’s Web infrastructures. Now they are targeting contents

This actually marks a change of pace in the cyber offensive against the Islamic State. Until now, in fact, Di5s3nSi0N’s Muslim hackers had targeted Daesh websites in the cyberspace, knocking them down. They did not target contents, as the Iraqi group DaeshGram did, creating and releasing online an alternative version of Amaq, the main platform for Isis’ propaganda and radicalization. This has caused great confusion among those who sympathize with on-line militants. In addition, it ignited internal conflicts among different factions of cyber-terrorists that were spreading contents and messages on the Web in support of Isil. In particular on social media platforms linked to the organization. Now, Di5s3nSi0N’s hackers announced that they would not target infrastructures anymore, but rather the contents they host. For the time being, Jihadists are proving unable to stop this cyber enemy.

The post by Di5s3nSi0N on Twitter, relating to revenge against Fasiq videos by Daesh

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