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Di5s3nSi0N are back and warn Isis: We are burying your web sites

New warning of Di5s3nSi0N to Isis: Ask forgiveness to Allah, we are burying your internet sites

Di5s3nSi0N are back to announce a new campaign of cyber attacks against Isis. The collective of muslim hackers has posted a new Tweet on its profile. The message, addressed to Daesh, reads “we remember how you have stolen muslims their welfare and declared it your ghanimah (booty NDR). We advise you to ask Allah to forgive you and to say ‘wadaeean’ to your web sites. We are burying them for you.” The post on Twitter ends with the traditional hashtags referred to the online fight against the Islamic State  #silencetheswords#OpISIS #ISIS #AMAQ. The warning is not an empty threat. As a matter of fact, the hackers have already humiliated Isil several times by putting offline the propaganda spaces on internet, like Amaq. And going even further announcing to jihadists the date of the attack (17 november 2017) and askng the net to chose the image for me the cyberwarfare action.

The Muslim and Iraqi DaeshGram hackers are responsible for the cyberwarfare actions which have badly affected the capacity of recruitment and radicalization of Isis through the web and social media

Di5s3nSi0N, together with the Iraqi hackers of DaeshGram, in the last months have inflicted very hard blows on Isis in cyberspace. The first by means of traditional cyber attacks aiming at putting all the propaganda channels used by he Islamic State on the web offline. Furthermore to humiliate the jihadists even more they pre announced the cyberwarfare actions. The second went even further. They created and put online an. Alternative version of Amaq, thus creating great confusion among the online sympathizing militants. Besides, this operation caused internal wars between the groups of cyber terrorists who were disseminating messages and contents on internet in support of Isis. As a matter of fact, on various occasions they have accused each others of treason or of being an enemy agent through socials. This has created very serious damage to the capacity of recruitment and radicalization of the net, which will not easily be recovered till the hackers collectives operate.

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