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Defense, NATO trains in Arctic combat in case of war with Russia

NATO and its members train in Arctic combat in the event of a war against Russia

The possibility of a possible conflict between NATO and Russia following the invasion of Ukraine is revolutionizing Western military training programs, including those of the special forces. The desert or Middle Eastern type scenarios, in fact, are giving way to those of the Arctic one. Objective: to adapt quickly to the new operating context, which has so far only been considered marginally. The Navy Seals along with the Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen, the Green Berets of the 10th and the 19th Special Forces Group trained for a month in Alaska as part of the Arctic Edge 2022. The entire Atlantic Alliance did it with Cold Response maneuvers and several countries are organizing ad hoc drills, albeit on a smaller scale. Vehicles and equipment are also under observation to assess their behavior in case their use in the area is required.

There are timid signs of hope regarding the crisis in Ukraine, but the threat of total war remains concrete

In the last few hours, especially after the agreement between Russia and Ukraine for the evacuation of wounded fighters from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, there is a glimmer of hope about the possible resumption of negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow. The international community, however, fears Vladimir Putin’s further backlash. Especially after Finland and Sweden officially confirmed their request for NATO membership and Russia’s response that this decision will not go unpunished. A global conflict on the ground, which in the context of the cyber domain is already underway, cannot therefore be excluded, but the Western armies in the last twenty years have concentrated their activities in other types of operational scenarios. As a result, they must reorganize as soon as possible in order to deal with the threat if it materializes.

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