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Defense and Security joins Anonymous’s #OpMyanmar

Defense and Security joins #OpMyanmar by Anonymous. The population has chosen us to denounce the violent repression of the protests by the Junta. We will publish the videos and images that come to us daily from Myanmar

Today, we have reported the birth of #OpMyanmar, the Anonymous operation against the military Junta in the Asian country, totaling more than 31,500 unique visits to the article, still growing, from all over the world. In addition, the population began to send us videos and images of the violent repression of the protest, choosing us as a megaphone to make their voice heard. We take up this request and join #OpMyanmar in our way. The activists shared also an anti-censorship guides and media amplification and these operations exist under a wider umbrella of #OpCCP, which supports the Milk Tea Alliance and is combatting anti-democracy efforts by the CCP and Kremlin. With this hashtag we will publish the latest updates on the situation in Yangon and in other cities of the nation, coming directly from there. Help us spread them. The best antidote to violence is knowledge and awareness!

The media arrived today from Myanmar

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