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Defence, the international presence in the Gulf of Aden is strengthened

The international military presence in the Gulf of Aden is strengthened. EUNAVFOR Task Force 465 and CTF 151 cooperate against piracy. The Italian frigate Luigi Rizzo and the South Korean Chungmugong Yi Sun-sin train together

The international community is strengthening its military presence in the Gulf of Aden to prevent new pirate attacks on transiting tankers. In the last few days, ships of the Italian and South Korean Navies have trained together in the quadrant as part of their respective multinational maritime partnerships: the EUNAVFOR Task Force 465 and the Combined Maritime Forces (CTF 151). The units involved are the ITS Frigate Luigi Rizzo (F 595) and the ROKS Chungmugong Yi Sun-sin (DDH 975). The military of the two countries worked together in all phases of the initiative: from planning to carrying out the maneuvers. A month ago, however, the Italian Carlo Bergamini had trained together with the Japanese JS Makinami within the same EU-US mechanism. The Gulf of Aden has recently seen an escalation of attacks by pirates against commercial vessels (tankers, container ships, etc.), particularly off the coast of Yemen.

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