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DDoS cyber attacks on companies by former employees are increasing

The last frontier of revenge against former employers are the DDoS cyber attacks. The case of John Kelsey Gammell is the example

The last frontier of revenge against former employers are the cyber attacks. There are increasing cases of dismissed employees hiring hackers or computer security experts to “punish” those who have fired them. This is the case, for example of John Kelsey Gammell, a 46-year-old from New Mexico, who has just been sentenced to 15 years in prison for commissioning a DDoS aggression campaign against his old company: the Washburn Computer Group. The man was arrested last year for hiring 3 hackers, who between 2015 and 2016 carried out several cyber offensives against the company. The attacks costed this $ 15,000 in damages.

For former employees, even if they have poor  computer skills, it is easy to implement their plans. Just turn to DDoS-for-hire services, that are increasing thanks to the growing business

The problem for companies today is that it is very easy to launch DDoS cyber attacks against them. Even if the attacker does not have computer skills. So much so that in many cases the former employees who struck with this technique were almost totally fasting. The system is simple. It’s just necessary using DDoS-for-hire services. In practice, platforms and hackers are rented, which then carry out aggressions on the targets identified by the “tenant”. The platforms of this kind are many and available also in the “open” network. They ranges from vDoS to IPStresser, to Inboot and CStress and others. Some of these have been shut down over time by the authorities and police, but others are still active. And these are always adding new ones, as the business is growing.

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