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Daesh has collapsed in Syria, it’s confirmed by the arrest of 5 prominent leaders in Iraq

The last arrests of the ISF in Iraq confirm that the Islamic State has collapsed in Syria, as Inherent Resolve has just announced

Isis in Syria is definitely falling apart, the 5 prominent persons arrested in the last hours at the border with Iraq by the ISF are proof of this. The arrested are high commanders of the Islamic State. Among these are Sadam al-Jamal, security chief of the “Euphrates Welayet”; Mohamad Hussain Kheder, superintendent of the area of Mayadeen, and Issam al-Zobai, responsabile of the “strike force”. Isis raiders of the area. From what Defense and Security heard from local sources, the group of leaders was fleeing from Deir Ezzor when it was intercepted by the troops of Baghdad. What happened confirms the words of general Felix Gedney, vice commander of the operation Inherent Resolve. The high officer had written on Twitter that IS “is collapsing from within. Jihadists are not paid and their moral is sinking. There are frictions between local militiamen and foreign fighters, while the commanders escape.”

Meanwhile at Deir Ezzor the SDF advance against Isis and are at less than 2 kilometers from the border with Iraq. Jazeera Storm is also clearing the territories mined by the Daesh

To make things worse for Daesh, in Syria, is the rapid progress of the Jazeera Storm (Cizire Storm) operation of the SDF at Deir Ezzor. The Arab-Kurdish force in the nine days from its resumption of the offensive against the Islamic State has already regained 21 kilometers of land at the border with Iraq and is moving fast. As a matter of fact they are at less than two kilometers from the border between the two countries. Furthermore, in parallel with the offensive phase, the troops are clearing mines from the territories taken over from Isis. The objective is twofold: on one side to guarantee to the units free movements in safety. On the other, to ensure that the population can return to their own houses as soon as possible. Till now hundreds of devices of various types have been dismantled.

The General Gedney Tweet about the internal collapse of Isis in Syria

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