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Cybercrime, “Vitalik Buterin” hacking scam spreads on Twitter

The “Vitalik Buterin” hacking scam spreads on Twitter

A new scam, nicknamed “Vitalik Buterin”, is spreading on Twitter. The latest country to have been hit is Italy with hacker attacks on verified institutional social profiles and the replacement of images with those of the Canadian programmer, who co-founded the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The common denominator is the publication of posts on the digital currency. The fraud has also been detected by cybersecurity experts in other countries. The same messages, for example, appeared on the profiles of the Indosat provider in Indonesia or the National Statistics Institute in Somalia. Even in that of a candidate in an election in Texas. Buterin’s own profile looks like an artifact. These are photocopy operations in which the same messages are disseminated. All of them offer free digital currency through a mysterious site.

Cybersecurity Experts: Large-scale international operation to steal sensitive data and money from victims by exploiting fake Ethereum gifts and verified profiles

The Vitalik Buterin-Ethereum-themed cyber scam technique is simple: just open a registered profile (or hack an existing one) and then change its name, inserting the desired one. Twitter will automatically continue to consider it verified. Inside are then inserted posts with links to phishing sites to steal sensitive data or money from victims. According to cybersecurity experts, it is likely to be an operation of cybercrime actors, who operate on a large scale. Moreover, it seems that someone abroad has already fallen into the scam. Caution!!!

Some examples of international Twitter verified profiles used in the scam


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