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Cybercrime, undelivered messages bait for a new phishing campaign

Technical Analysis by the Malware Hunter JAMESWT

Some undelivered messages are the bait for a new phishing campaign. An email invites the user to open a link to retrieve them. This tip to a false login page, targeted on the victim’s address to steal credentials

Undelivered messages are the bait of a new phishing campaign, calibrated on the address of the message recipient. The email refers to alleged errors on IMAP-POP settings and invites the victim to open a link to retrieve messages blocked by the server.

This point to a false login page of the provider, in which the user’s address is already fixed. As a result, only password is requested.

After two attempts, which will both be wrong even if the alphanumeric sequence digited is correct, the victim will be re-addressed on the alleged website to which it refers to its e-mail domain.

Meanwhile, however, the credentials were stolen.

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