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Cybercrime, the personal data of 5.4 million Twitter users on sale

The personal data of 5.4 million Twitter users on sale. Restore Privacy cybersecurity experts: User “devil” offers them on Breached Forums and they are real. The criminal collected them by exploiting a breach active in January

Someone offers the sensitive personal information of 5.4 million Twitter users on Breached Forums. The vendor, who calls himself “devil” claims that the database includes celebrities, companies and random users. He offers it for $ 30,000 and it appears to be genuine information. The cybersecurity experts of Restore Privacy denounced it in recent days. According to the researchers, the cyber criminal exploited a verified vulnerability of the social network, active in January 2022 and blocked by Twitter shortly after, to gain possession of the data. The flaw, reported by HackerOne, was linked only to Android and the user authentication process.

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