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Cybercrime starts again using home routers to steal bank credentials

In Brazil a cybercrime group hijacked the home routers, exploiting their vulnerabilities, to steal the bank credentials

Since the beginning of August, cybercrime has started using home routers to steal bank credentials. In Brazil the cyber criminals obtained sensitive information from customers of the largest bank, after their home routers were ‘hijacked’. Victimes were lured with convincing fake banking page. This technique is not new, but lately it was little used. And this novelty suggests that the malicious actors could replicate it elsewhere worldwide. Usually people give litte importance to their home routers cyber security. So they are a kind of “soft targets”. Easy to attack and compromise, without a warning for the victim. Just exploiting their vulnerabilities to gain access. After that, the hackers change the DNS configuration , to redirect DNS requests to a malicious server. Then the game is done.

How to increase the home routers cyber security against the cybercrime

Increase the home routers cyber security requires just few steps. First of all, it’s imperative to install the latest updates, as using ad blockers to mitigate malvertising. Then the cyber defense experts reccomend to deploy patches on the wireless network infrastructure, such as wireless routers and wireless access points. This will protect traffic from all devices while they are connected to that network. It’s also a good idea to change default passwords on devices such as routers and wireless access points. Malware that can log in to a router using its default credentials has potential to perform a similar style of attack against a fully patched device. With this simple precautions, you can counter effectly the cybercrime and any attempt to hack the routers.

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