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Cybercrime, new wave of the IcedID campaign via stolen email and protected attachment

Technical analysis by the Malware Hunter JAMESWT

New wave of IcedID campaign via stolen email and password protected attachment. The zip file of the mail, arrived in Italy, contacts a single url (different in each message) and downloads the dll that starts the malware infection

New wave of the global campaign to distribute IcedID through a real stolen email conversation and a password protected compressed attachment (provided in the text). The zip file in the mail, arrived in Italy, contains a word document.

This, if open, contacts a single url (different for each file) to download the dll, which starts the malware infection.

IcedID (aka BokBot) is a modular banking trojan used by cybercrime to steal information and credentials from current accounts, e-commerce sites, providers and financial data.

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