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Cybercrime, new smishing/phishing “storage space” themed scam

New “storage space” themed smishing/phishing scam. The bait is running out of iCloud space and a 50GB gift. Objective: steal sensitive personal data and money

New wave of “out of oline storage space” themed smishing/phishing scam. An email warns the potential victim that their iCloud space has run out.

To receive an additional 50 GB for free as part of a “loyalty program”, the user is invited to open a link in the message that points to a fake web page of the storage service. On the screen there is a form where you can enter your personal and credit card details to sign up for the loyalty program and unlock the 50 GB. In reality it is all false. It’s just a ploy to steal sensitive information and money. In fact, the victim will subscribe to a mysterious service that costs 43 euros every two weeks. The scam, designed for mobile devices, also works on computers.

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