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Cybercrime, new Dridex worldwide campaign via FedEx

Cyber security expert JAMESWT discovers a new cybercrime malspam campaign to spread Dridex globally. The lure is a fake invoice by the courier. The XLS attachment dowloads a DLL that infects the computer with the malware

FedEx is the last lure used by cybercrime to spread Dridex in a wordlwide campaign.  Cyber security expert JAMESWT discovered new malspam attacks that exploit a fake invoice by the courier with an XLS document attached. If the victims opens it, the file will contact many C2 servers and download a DLL. This wil infect the machine with the malware (aka Bugat and Cridex). It’s specialized in stealing bank credentials to launch fraudolent transactions.

The email with the fake FedEx invoice

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