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Cybercrime, massive multi-courier themed phishing campaign

Massive multi-courier themed phishing campaign. The templates change, but the bait remains the same: a package in storage. The goal is to make the user enter sensitive data on a fake site to steal it and activate a subscription

Massive courier-themed phishing campaign in progress: the templates are different, as are the companies involved, but the bait remains the same: an email communicating the non-delivery of a package. The goal is to direct users to a fake landing page where they enter their personal data and credit card details to make the payment necessary to unblock the shipment. In reality, in all cases the victim unknowingly subscribes to an unclear paid service and runs the risk that the information entered will be stolen and used for fraudulent purposes by the cybercrime actors behind the scam. The campaign, however, is multi-lingual and is always conveyed by the same sender.

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