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Cybercrime, here are the ransomware groups new strategies

Here are the new strategies of ransomware groups. Cybersecurity expert Luca Mella: In the event of non-payment, instead of double extortion, there is the threat of new attacks and information on insurance policies is requested

Ransomware groups shift from double extortion to new strategy to boost ransom revenues. Luca Mella, cybersecurity expert and creator of the DoubleExtortion platform, denounces it. reporting a ransom note from HardBit. In the text there is no longer the reference to the dissemination of unencrypted data or to the sale to third parties in the event of non-payment. Instead, there is a threat of new attacks. Furthermore, cybercrime actors ask the victim to provide them with information about any insurance coverage. This, in order to be able to ask for the covered amount and avoid that the user has to lose his own money. This eventuality, however, if discovered by the insurance company would void the contract, as the contracting party is obliged not to reveal the conditions of his policy.

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