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Cybercrime, Harley-Davidson bait of an e-commerce scam

Harley-Davidson unwitting bait for a worldwide e-commerce scam

Harleysts from all over the world beware. There is a fake website offering original Harley-Davidson clothing and accessories at bargain prices. Too bad, however, that the customer receives nothing. The scam aims to steal money and personal sensitive data from victims, exploiting the brand. https: // harleydvsstore [.] com offers everything and for both sexes.

The e-commerce site, however, is registered in China and has no connection whatsoever with the original trademark. Furthermore, there is no way to contact those who manage the sales. The “customer” can only register himself, providing the personal information and any reference to social networks does not point to a page associated with the site, but to the platform’s homepage. Payments for goods are in dollars, via PayPal or credit cards.

Behind the scam that exploits Harley-Davidson and other brands is a well-organized group. The cybersecurity researcher illegalFawn has discovered a long list of similar sites, running on the same IP

A well-organized cybercrime group is likely behind the Harley-Davidson-themed scam. The motorcycle brand, in fact, is only one of those exploited to deceive the victims. The cybersecurity researcher illegalFawn found a long list of very similar e-commerce sites associated with the same IP. For each fake shop discovered, in fact, hundreds of others can be found starting from the IP. However, these all have one thing in common: they are professionally created to fool experienced users. Similarly, in the few cases where they are present, each email is associated with Chinese providers. This outlines a clear picture: behind the scams there is a well-tested organization, which has high technical skills. The system is simple: they open a site linked to a brand and keep it alive until it pays off (usually about a month or so). Once blocked, they move on to a new one using similar baits.

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