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Cybercrime, First Light 2022: Interpol’s largest ever operation against scammers

First Light 2022: Interpol’s largest ever operation against scammers. About 2,000 people arrested and 76 countries involved. Massive social engineering scam scheme dismantled. From romance scams to online fraud

First Light 2022 is a maxi international operation, coordinated by Interpol and probably the most important ever, which has led to the arrest of about 2,000 people around the world. The group was part of a huge scam scheme based on social engineering. From romance scams to telephone frauds, passing through online ones. Police forces from 76 countries raided a series of call centers suspected of being involved in criminal operations. On one occasion, a teenager was saved, tricked into pretending to have been kidnapped, sending videos of himself with false injuries to his parents and demanding a ransom of 1.5 million euros. In another, a Chinese citizen was captured in connection with a Ponzi scheme, which is estimated to have defrauded nearly 24,000 victims and raised 34 million euros.

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