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Cybercrime, data theft passes through Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

Technical analysis by the Malware Hunter JAMESWT

The data theft goes through Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Email on the alleged selection of the victim to receive a maxi-financing related to Covid-19. It is a trick to connect the user

The latest cybercrime scam to steal sensitive data from users in various countries uses Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg as bait. In these hours, an email circulates, theoretically from the office of the platform’s CEO, in which the potential victim is warned that he has been selected together with 10 other people from his country to receive a maxi award of 650 million dollars, linked to the Covid-19 emergency.

This is invited to update their information to start the delivery process of the amount. Obviously, this is all false. The only goal of cyber criminals is to steal sensitive data, which will then be used for fraudulent purposes.

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