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Cybercrime, boom in online sales of fake Covid-19 vaccine certificates


Boom in online sales of fake Covid-19 vaccine certificates. FBI cybersecurity experts: It’s a crime and everyone’s security is at risk. People are also urged not to post real CDC documents on social media

Boom on the web for the market for false Covid-19 Vaccination Record Cards. The FBI cybersecurity experts denounce this, reminding potential buyers and sellers that it is a crime. Furthermore, it puts both personal and community safety at risk, as well as the entire nation. In recent times, the offers of certificates have multiplied on the web and on social networks. Some of these are completely counterfeit, but others exploit real documents posted on the net by unsuspecting users who have had the administration of the vaccine. By the way, in fact, the US authorities ask the population not to share the images of the CDC certificates and to delete the posts if they have already done so. Moreover, publishing anti Covid-19 vaccination certificates also exposes users to other types of danger. The documents, in fact, contain sensitive personal information, which cybercrime actors could exploit it.

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