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Cybercrime, attacks on companies now go through Contact Forms

Cybercrime attacks on companies now pass via Contact Forms. The bait are reports with an attached link. This points to a site with a compressed file with malware inside or that directly downloads the dll

Malware attacks on companies now go through contact forms. This is the latest evolution of the techniques used by cybercrime actors to compromise targets. It is simple, but very effective as it allows you to evade many protections, immediately reaching the victim who does not expect a trap of this kind. The typical bait are messages in which a problem or malfunction is reported with an attached link that should better explain the criticality. The link, on the other hand, points to a site where there is a compressed file containing an executable, the malware itself. In other cases, it is the site itself that downloads the dll to the user’s computer and activates the infection chain.

Attention, the text of the messages is carefully packaged and defending yourself is difficult!

Examples of cybercrime attacks on companies using contact forms were posted on Twitter by cybersecurity researcher Brian in Pittsburgh, who pointed out another important element: the text of the messages, unlike that in traditional phishing, is carefully written. Both from a technical point of view and from that of Social Engineering. Furthermore, adopting effective defenses is very difficult, unless you decide to block the possibility of contacting the company through a form. Given their sophistication, they are likely to be targeted attacks and not generic “aftermath” campaigns. So be careful!

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