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Cyber Warfare, Russia launches waves of DDoS attacks against Ukraine

Russia launches waves of DDoS attacks against Ukraine Retaliation against the penalties suffered and to come. The cyber warfare attacks will likely increase, spreading to others. The EU CRRT in action to help Kiev

Russia, as expected, responds to international sanctions with a wave of cyber attacks. Now against Ukraine, but it is likely that in the future cyber warfare will involve all the countries that have joined the restrictive measures. The institutional and government sites of Kiev such as those of the Parliament and the Foreign Ministry were affected. The attack follows the one that took place just a few days ago: these are Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attacks, which flood the targets with millions of access requests, crashing and putting them offline. However, the international community had foreseen this scenario and prepared accordingly. In the past days, the EU has deployed a Cyber ​​Rapid-Response Team (CRRT), which is helping Kiev remotely and on-site to mitigate the cyber offensive, maintaining a good level of resilience to prevent the effects of attacks from spreading and that the nation is paralyzed.


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