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Cyber Warfare: here they come Spid3r and Kromsec, one of Iran’s worst nightmares

Spid3r and Kromsec are one of Iran’s worst nightmares. The hacker explains why

Spid3r and the Kromsec group have become one of the Iran’s worst nightmares not only on the web, but also in the real life. They launched a cyber warfare offensive in the framework of Anonymous’s #OpIran, following the killing of the youg Mahsa Amini, that is creating huge problems to Tehran’s regime. Spid3r, already involved in #OpRussia with important targets “killed”, accepted to comment what’s happening with Iran and why. “I stop be active in OpRussia. In that framework I can clearly say we hack everything have internet in Russia – he explained -. OpIran was launched to support the Iranian people who have been persecuted for years. This putting offline government websites and pro-government media. At the same time, the government spokesperson, the central bank, many ministries were attacked”.

Spid3r: DDoS can be effective if you lock a specific target for a long time

One of Spid3r and Kromsec best weapons are the DDoS attacks, both against Russia and Iran. Their characteristics may suggest that they cause only temporary and limited damage, but in reality this is not the case. “Turning off unimportant targets for 5 minutes doesn’t work at all – Spid3r underlined -. But DDoS can be effective if you lock a specific target for a long time. For example, let’s say that the money transfer system of a country’s central bank does not work for 6 hours. Loss is unpredictable”.Not surprisingly, among the targets hit by Kromsec since September 24 there are the Iranian Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of the Petroleum and the Central Bank. Furthermore, in parallel to the DDoS attacks, the group has also hit some universities, exposing information about their administration, but protecting student’s data. The first goal of the group, in fact, is to protect the Iranian innocent people.

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