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Cyber Warfare, Anonymous Italia prepares the “final offensive” against Killnet

Anonymous Italia prepares the “final offensive” against Killnet. It will start at 04:00, will have a power of dozens TB and will involve at least 100 Anon. It is the response to the DDoS attacks against Italy. The targets are top Secret, but heavy damage to Russia is expected

Anonymous Italia and all the allied hactivist groups are preparing for a maxi offensive against Killnet, probably the biggest ever. On the Op there is absolute mystery, we only know that it will start on the night of May 21 starting at 04:00. The goal is to sink the pro-Russia formation once and for all, which continues to launch waves of DDoS attacks against multiple types of targets in Italy. The latest one announced targets air and rail transport, as well as defense. On the night between 19 and 20 May, however, the media, some institutions such as the Foreign Ministry and the CSM, were attacked. There is great anticipation for what could be Anonymous Italia’s “final offensive”, which should have a power of dozens TB and directed against top secret targets by at least 100 volunteers. The Italian group, however, has already caused heavy damage to pro-Moscow hackers in recent days, revealing who they were and what their real interests were. In addition, the Anon have just shown that they have superior technical skills, managing to block temporarily the website of the Kremlin and the Russian satellite communications agency.

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