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Cyber Warfare, Anonymous Italia imposes the eye for an eye on Killnet

Anonymous Italia imposes the eye for an eye on Killnet. The Anons to the pro-Russia group: Every attack on one of our institutions will correspond to another against the similar one in the Federation. The Moscow police, in fact, already crashed

Anonymous Italia, after having sunk Killnet in a single night, relaunches and imposes the eye for an eye on the pro-Moscow group. It does so by announcing that every cyber attack on institutions in our country will be followed by an offensive against the corresponding body in the Federation. This is not a simple skirmish in the context of cyber warfare, but facts. The Anons, in fact, have already given a taste of what they are capable of. They crashed the Moscow police website after Killnet launched a DDoS attack on the State Police. Moreover, during the day, the Italian formation and its allies began to reveal who the members of the enemy collective are, publishing personal information also on the leadership.

Killnet’s DDoS cyber retaliation campaign on 10 countries currently hiding. Pro-Russian hackers are probably too busy defending themselves to attack

Moreover, Killnet has announced a maxi-campaign of cyber retaliation against ten countries, which for now does not seem to have given any fruit despite the proclamations. It is likely that the members of the pro-Russia group at this time are more busy trying to defend themselves from Anonymous Italy rather than attacking. Also because the Anon for now have only released a small part of what they have stolen from their opponents. As a result, it is likely that there will be new surprises in the coming days, and young supporters of the Putin regime may not necessarily like them.

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