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Cyber Security, Trump unveils the new US National Cyber Strategy

The United States have the first fully articulated National Cyber Strategy since 15 years. President Trump unveiled it

US president Donald Trump unveiled the National Cyber Strategy, the first fully articulated that United States has issued in the last 15 years. As the White House web site reports, “since the beginning of President Trump’s Administration, he has taken action to protect the American people in cyber space. Building on these strong efforts, today, the President signed the National Cyber Strategy—the first fully articulated cyber strategy for the United States since 2003. The National Cyber Strategy identifies decisive priority actions to protect the American people. This strategy makes clear that the Federal Government will never stop defending our interests, and that we will bring every element of American power to bear to protect our people in the digital domain”. The Strategy is structured “around the four pillars of the National Security Strategy. Government has the responsibility to do its part to ensure America has the best cyber security in the world”.

The US National Cyber Strategy  is structured around four pillars: the first two are Protect People, the Homeland and the American Way of Life, and Promote American Prosperity

The first pillar of the new US National Cyber Strategy is to “Protect the American People, the Homeland, and the American Way of Life”. The White House explains that “We will manage cyber security risks to increase the security and resilience of the Nation’s information and information systems. We will do this by taking specific steps to secure Federal networks and information, secure critical infrastructure, combat cybercrime, and improve incident reporting”. The second is “Promote American Prosperity”. On this regard, “We will preserve America’s influence in the technological ecosystem and pursue development of cyberspace as an open engine of economic growth, innovation, and efficiency. To do this, we will support a vibrant and resilient digital economy, foster and protect American ingenuity, and develop a superior cyber security workforce”.

The last two pillars are Preserve Peace through Strength, and Advance American Influence

The third pillar of the new US National Cyber Strategy is “Preserve Peace through Strength. We will identify, counter, disrupt, degrade, and deter behavior in cyberspace that is destabilizing and contrary to our national interests, while preserving America’s overmatch in and through cyberspace. To achieve this, we will do our part to enhance cyber stability through norms of responsible state behavior, attribution of unacceptable behavior in cyberspace, and the imposition of costs on malicious cyber actors”. Finally, the last one is “Advance American Influence. We will preserve the long-term openness, interoperability, security, and reliability of the Internet, which supports and is reinforced by America’s interests. We will take specific global efforts to promote these objectives, while supporting market growth for infrastructure and emerging technologies and building cyber capacity internationally”.

The National Cyber Strategy (file PDF)

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