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Coronavirus, videogames and cyberspace in support of people of Wuhan

The worlds of video games and cyberspace run to the aid of those stuck in Wuhan, giving many copies of “Mirror”. Objective: to alleviate the inconvenience for those who are forced to remain closed at home for the coronavirus

Those who are stuck at home in cities in China for coronavirus today have help from the worlds of cyberspace and video games. As Alessandra Rossi reports on the italian RetroForce website, the developers of “Mirror” have posted a message on STEAM to people in areas affected by the New China Virus, advising them that they can play for free. Moreover, the notice can be useful not only for Chinese video games, but also for international ones. In fact, the software is also available in Japanese and English. In addition, it has a “story” mode that guarantees greater involvement and more intense games. The idea is that the game, a dating / puzzle simulator with the protagonists of beautiful anime-style girls, can help those who are in difficult conditions or are isolated to better pass the time.

From the developers also a message of support and some advice not to take risks with the New China Virus

The developers of Mirror have also sent a message of encouragement to those who are forced to stay in Wuhan. The text reads that “the year has just begun and we’re all facing challenging situations. To avoid coronavirus (nCov), it is best to stay at home. So we decide to give away 160,000 copies of Mirror to keep you company. Please accept our gift and stay strong!”. In addition, they use STEAM’s online platform to remind users that it is better to “avoid going out” but, if necessary, “to keep your mask all the time”. They also suggest to avoid “getting physical contact with other people and stay away from the crowd.”, as well as to “wash your hands as many times as you can”. The message ends with the wish that “once again, we sincerely hope that you have a pleasant and secure holiday”.

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