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Coronavirus, psychosis grows in the Middle East after cases in Iran

Contagion cases and coronavirus deaths are increasing in Iran, which according to the opposition are even more, and the countries in the area intervene to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Turkey and Pakistan close their borders, while Afghanistan blocks flights and group travels

Coronavirus psychosis also begins to strike in the Middle East and on the borders of Asia. Following the death of eight people and the contagion of 43 others in Iran, Turkey and Pakistan, they closed the borders. Indeed, the two countries fear that COVID-19 may extend into the region. Afghanistan itself has blocked flights to the Islamic Republic and group travel between the two countries. At the moment only trucks with goods pass and after careful checks. Moreover, according to internal opposition, Tehran is hiding the real numbers of the New China Virus. And in particular the fact that the deaths would be 18. A sign that the country has underestimated the threat and is now trying to resort to shelter, while covering the truth so as not to be isolated anymore. It is no coincidence that infected people come from many provinces: Qom, Tehran, Markazi, Gilan and Mazandaran.

The psychosis of the New China Virus has also come to Iraq. This although so far there is no real or suspected case of infection. There are those who spread false news and those who try to take advantage of the situation to profit from it

Meanwhile, the Coronavirus alarm also reaches Iraq. In Kurdistan and the rest of the country, work is being done to stem mass psychosis in relation to COVID-19. Some people were arrested for spreading fake news about the presence of the New China Virus. In addition, tight controls are underway to stop those trying to take advantage of the situation to profit from it. In particular, there are some cases in which pharmacies sell masks at exorbitant prices, stating that they are different from the others and the only ones capable of protecting against contagion. So far, however, no real or suspected cases of virus infection have occurred in the Middle Eastern nation. However, the situation is constantly monitored by Inherent Resolve as well, following the presence of numerous international soldiers engaged in the fight against Isis.

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