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Coronavirus, infosec community take the field against cybercrime

The infosec community take the field against cybercrime, to defend healthcare organizations involved in the Coronavirus emergency

Cyber Security experts tight ranks to defend healthcare organizations, involved in the Coronavirus emergency, against cybercrime attacks. In the recent days, it’s seemed that a kind of truce between threat actors and potential victims linked to COVID-19 had been born. But it didn’t last long. Maze criminal hackers just attacked an UK healthcare organization with a ransomware. So, the worldwide infosec community decided to take the field to counter any threat. Many companies assembled ad hoc groups of malware experts and blue teams. Each of them is sharing information on trends and discoveries with all the community and healthcare organizations. Also independent researchers boosted efforts. The worst threats are the ransomware, that hit healthcare sector since years, causing serious damages and repercussions.

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