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Companies that are victims of a cyber-attack will probably still be

FireEye: If you are a victim of a cyber-attack, you will probably still be. Not necessarily from the same aggressor

If a company has been hit by a cyber-attack, probably it will still be. This is what Fire Eye computer security researchers found in the M-Trends 2018 report. In the document, it’s stated that 56% of organizations that in the past year and a half have suffered a significant cyber-attack, in the same period were hit a second time. Moreover, almost half of the victims (49%) suffered the new IT offensive within 12 months of the first. And not only by the same attacker: 89% of these have been targeted by more than one hacker. This trend occurs mainly in the Asia-Pacific area (APAC) with 91% of the companies involved in the double strike. In Europe and the Middle East multiple targets stopped at 47% and in the Americas at 44.

The most affected sectors are high-tech, finance, communication, healthcare and education in Asia and the Pacific. However, some companies have improved cybersecurity

As M-Trends 2018 reports, the sectors most affected by cyber offensives are high-tech, communications and education. Those that have suffered the most significant cyber-attacks are financial, high-tech and healthcare. In these two groups, the point of union is the high technology sector. This has a record: both as for hacking and intrusion attempts and for the number of attackers. Which have different missions and use various TTPs. However, Fire Eye also records a positive figure. Some of the targeted industries have adapted to multiple threats, adopting a rigorous posture in cybersecurity. This means that in the future they will be more protected and resilient against possible cyber-attacks. Even in the presence of new methods of attack.

The Fire Eye M-Trends 2018 (file PDF)

Photo Credits: Christiaan Colen

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