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Arabian Sea, the US Coast Guard seizes a maxi drugs shipment

The US Coast Guard seizes a large drugs shipment in the Arabian Sea. The value is 20 million dollars in hashish and methamphetamines. The area and the Persian Gulf are the most used for the smuggling of drugs and weapons from Iran to the Houthis in Yemen

The United States Coast Guard has seized a maxi drug shipment worth 20 million dollars in the Arabian Sea waters. The narcotics were on board a boat in international waters, on which there were four sailors. In all, 1,350 kilos of hashish, 270 kilos of powdered methamphetamine and another 23 kilos in pills were found. At the moment it is not clear who the goods were intended for and which was the port of departure of the boat. However, the area, together with the Persian Gulf, is among the main ones used in drug trafficking and arms smuggling from Iran to the Houthis in Yemen. In recent months, in fact, the American Fifth Fleet has made several seizures of weapons and propellants, which could be sent to Ukraine to help Kyiv defend itself against the Russian invasion.

Photo Credits: NAVCENT

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