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Africa, US special forces deploy in DRC against ISCAP

US special forces deploy in the Democratic Republic of Congo against ISCAP. Their mission is to support Kinshasa troops in counter-insurgency activities. The first results are already arriving: an important ADF / IS base destroyed in Semuliki. It was the launch pad for the attacks on Beni

The US special forces are active in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to provide assistance to local troops in the fight against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a group linked to ISCAP, the branch of the Islamic State active in Central Africa. Kinshasa authorized their deployment in early August and the detachments arrived in the following days with a mission to train the military in counter-insurgency (COIN) and anti-terrorism activities. The results, despite the short period of time that have elapsed, are already beginning to arrive: an important base of pro IS jihadists in the Semuliki river valley has been eliminated and the area has been recaptured by the regular forces. The infrastructure was strategic, as it was used as a platform to launch attacks in the Beni quadrant (especially on the road to Kasindi). Further operations to North Kivu are planned in the near future. The aim is to close the jihadists in the region by tightening the circle more and more.


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