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Africa, UK troops deal a severe blow to ISGS in Mali

UK troops deal a severe blow to ISGS. The LRRG of the UN mission MAKARA 2 dismantles a terrorist cell of the Islamic State and restores security in Ansongo

The British contingent of the UN mission MAKARA 2 dealt a severe blow to the ISGS jihadists in Mali. The military of the UK Long Range Reconnaissance Group (LRRG), formed by the Queen’s Dragoon Guards, neutralized an entire cell of the Islamic State, which threatened some villages. The entire anti-terrorism operation, which took place in the Ansongo area, lasted 17 days. It was organized following the fact that the jihadists had massacred dozens of inhabitants in the quadrant last August. As a result, the United Nations called on the force to intervene to restore security and to allow the return of international aid workers. The soldiers, while patrolling the area, encountered a group of jihadists on motorbikes, who fled at their sight. First one was captured and then the others. Moreover, in the searches, along with the weapons and ammunition, radio equipment and documents of interest were also found.

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