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Africa, piracy returns to the Gulf of Guinea

Piracy returns to the Gulf of Guinea. Monjasa Reformer tanker seized in front of Congo Brazzaville. The escalation is driven by the Ukraine-Russia war and the humanitarian situation in the region

Piracy returns to the African coasts and in particular to the Atlantic ones in the Gulf of Guinea. The Monjasa Reformer oil tanker was attacked on 25 March off the Congo Brazzaville, about 260 kilometers off Port Pointe-Noir (in international waters), by a group of armed men. According to VoA News, the vessel was boarded by five people aboard a skiff, who took control of it and have since been lost contact. The region has often been at the center of attacks of this type in past years. Since 2021, however, the situation seemed to have calmed down thanks to a greater international military presence (the Italian Navy operates in the quadrant with Operation Gabinia). Not surprisingly, only two similar episodes have been recorded so far in 2023, against 26 in 2019. Today, however, there are fears of a sudden escalation of the phenomenon, given by a worsening of the humanitarian situation in the region and by the Ukraine-Russia war, which is distracting the attention of the international military forces.

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