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Africa, ISCAP makes increasing use of IED in Mozambique

ISCAP makes increasing use of IED in Mozambique. The phenomenon, widespread in Cabo Delgado, is linked to the recent arrival of pro-ISIS experts from other areas. There is a risk of an increase in violence also in Tanzania

In Cabo Delgado there is an increasing use of IEDs by ISCAP. Castor Vali denounces it. In the last month there have been at least three attacks by pro-ISIS jihadists with devices of this type. Until now, however, the militia directly faced the soldiers. The phenomenon is probably linked to the recent arrival in Mozambique of veteran trainers and planners from other countries where the use of IEDs has been a consolidated practice for years: from the Middle East (Iraq, Syria) to Africa (Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo), passing through Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Philippines). There is a good chance that the fundamentalists, thanks to this new expertise, will try to expand their influence in the province and in the interior African country. In that case there would be an increase in violence, which would have devastating effects especially for civilians, and greater risks for the nations of the region: Tanzania in primis.

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