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Africa, hard blow for ISGS, ISCAP and JNIM in the Sahel

Hard blow for ISGS, ISCAP and JNIM in the Sahel. The international operation TRIGGER VIII, coordinated by Interpol, dismantles 14 criminal groups in eight countries, as well as arms and drug trafficking in the quadrant

Jihadist groups in the Sahel such as ISGS, ISCAP and JNIM (al Qaeda) have suffered a severe blow from an international police operation coordinated by INTERPOL. It is called Operation TRIGGER VIII and has made it possible to dismantle a very important arms and drug trafficking in West and Central Africa. The activity involved over 520 operators and 35 locations in eight countries: Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Guinea, Mali, Mauritania and Niger. In all, 120 arrests were made, dismantling 14 criminal groups active in the quadrant. Due to the operation, it will now be more difficult for the militiamen to receive supplies of weapons and funding from drug smuggling. As a result, their logistical and operational capacity in the area will shrink, just as the fundamentalists were gaining ground and expanding their influence in the region.

Photo Credits: INTERPOL

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